Our History

In 1991, Paula Wiley and Manuel Gonzales found themselves at a crossroads. The company they’d served for several years, Advantage Mechanical, had been bought out and shut its doors forever. With their combined experience in finance, sales, and design, the duo knew they wanted to continue in the construction business but weren’t sure exactly how.

With the encouragement of their mentors, Ted Shreve and Bill Caile, they decided to take a chance and start their own business, with the goal of building strong relationships with the community and delivering the best value possible to customers.

They partnered up that same year to form AMI Mechanical. Success came quickly as word of their quality work, professional staff, and happy clients began to spread. Only two years later in 1993, they decided to start a second company, AMI Mechanical Systems. Their goal was to provide ongoing service and support for HVAC systems through the Metro Denver Area.

Both companies continued to grow and expand over the course of the next four years, adding Facilities Management as a new area of focus. In 1998, the company had the opportunity to expand its geographic reach with the introduction of AMI Mechanical South, and the main branch moved to a new facility in Thornton, Colorado where it could continue to grow. The Leadership Team was formed during this period of intense growth to help foster communication between key areas of the business, including managers from Office and Accounting, Field and Project Management, and Business Development.

With the opportunity in 2002 to expand into Program Management and partnerships in the Government sector, the three companies found themselves in an increasingly complex situation. In order to better synchronize management and deliver top- notch customer support, Manuel and Paula decided to merge the three companies.

Now, more than 25 years later, AMI Mechanical has retained many of the same quality employees who helped make the company such a success in 1991. By sticking to a simple philosophy of “Building Relationships and Delivering Value,” AMI Mechanical has been able to consistently enhance performance, successfully complete projects, and deliver results to countless happy clients.