Mission and Values

Over the last 25 years AMI Mechanical Systems has built its reputation by providing high quality service to each of its valued customers and by always making them our first priority. Regardless of our customer’s needs and scope, we will tailor our services and delivery to ensure the quality and professionalism they deserve.

We deliver the best value and quality for our clients in three important ways:

  1. We attract the top people in the business and give them the resources and tools they need for success.
  2. We place a high priority on teamwork, so you can rest assured our employees will perform to the highest standard each and every day.
  3. We do what’s right for the customer.

Core Beliefs and Values

  • Safety is always first
  • Quality work at a reasonable price
  • Respond to our customers’ needs
  • Develop our employees


The Services AMI Mechanical Systems Offers

At AMI Mechanical Systems, we believe in forming a “person to person” relationship with each and every client, so they can be sure the solutions we offer are tailored specifically to their unique needs.  This dynamic approach and our diverse capabilities allow us to offer a wide range of services to all types of properties in numerous industries.

AMI Mechanical Systems is a trusted partner to all of our customers addressing all problems that arise in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. Our team is available to our customers around the clock and our commitment is to ensure their buildings and facilities are running efficiently and properly. You can always get a live person on the phone to make sure your needs are met.

We offer several types of maintenance agreements customized to fit your unique property needs. We also take the time to get to know your facility and survey the equipment before we ever give you a price. This allows us to understand the equipment and the demands that you put on it, so we can design the right maintenance plan for your needs. Each maintenance plan is created with two technicians assigned to the agreement, so you will always be able to get the help you need when you need it. All of our technicians are up to date on the latest certifications.

Example of common plans:

Test and Inspect Maintenance Agreement- Now that you have had your mechanical equipment installed, we will help you ensure it stays in top shape for years to come. When you sign up for our annual testing and inspection services, we will help you identify and understand any potential problems with your equipment. We will even write up a detailed maintenance report so you know exactly what condition your system is in.

Predictive and Planned Maintenance Agreement- If you would like a little more assurance than annual testing, just add our predictive and planned maintenance services on to the package. We will identify any equipment issues and provide cost-effective alternatives, and take care of routine maintenance like calibration, lubrication, cleaning and adjusting and seasonal startup. Of course, we will still include a detailed inspection and make sure everything is operating properly. This level of service also provides you with a detailed list of tasks performed during the maintenance visits. In this tasking our technicians also grade the different systems and overall condition of the equipment to help you better understand where your equipment is in its life cycle.

Repair and Replacement Labor Agreement- To help you avoid unexpected expenses, we also offer an agreement including all labor related to the repair and replacement work required to return equipment to essential operation status.

Full Service Agreement- Our full service agreement covers all of the testing, inspection, routine maintenance, repair and replacement services outlined above, plus all labor and materials required to keep your equipment running optimally. We cover the labor and materials on maintainable parts of your systems including emergency calls. Ask about this plan if you want maximum peace of mind

Training and Client Reporting

Your peace of mind is our Operations Manager’s top priority. We diligently monitor each and every property under our care.

We work with your on-site Building Engineering Supervisor and coordinate all off-site activities, including HR, payroll, procurement, material handling, IT and administrative functions. We do this so your staff can focus on doing their jobs, instead of worrying about site maintenance.

We will also help you keep your reports up to date. Our technicians keep up to date on the latest certifications and have the best technology at their disposal. With this information you will be able to easily meet the regulations of related monitoring agencies.

We know managing all of the mechanical systems in your facility can be a chore. Your administrative and human resources team can get bogged down by regulatory requirements, maintenance issues, and scheduling. That is why we provide a single point of contact to address all of your building systems.

General building maintenance and staffing are not the only services we offer. We also include every system in your building as part of your facility agreement, including:
• Industrial air systems
• Emergency power systems
• Plumbing systems
• Electrical systems
• Water treatment systems
• Building Automation Services (BAS)

Facility Assessment

Cooling alone accounts for approximately 40% of mission-critical facility energy consumption, which translates to big bills for you. To help you cut costs, we will thoroughly review and analyze your existing facility system to propose and compare energy-saving alternatives.

Facility Maintenance

You already have so much on your mind as the owner or operator of a mission-critical facility. Why not leave the facilities management side to us? AMI Mechanical Systems’ skilled facility technicians have the knowledge, understanding and experience to work with the crucial backbone of these facilities (HVAC systems), while taking the time to assist with the daily responsibilities required to keep a facility operating efficiently and properly.

Facility Analysis

We perform a thorough and comprehensive preliminary analysis of your facility and provide detailed reports to help you find opportunities to save money and improve occupant comfort in your building. We provide you with Return on Investment (ROI) based solutions so your decisions are accurate and well informed.

Here are just a few of the systems we may address during a facility assessment:
• Remote monitoring
• On site energy consumption trends
• Boilers, Chillers, and all other HVAC equipment
• Water Conservation


We will work closely with you to develop engineering solutions, manage the design process and create specifications for the alternatives we suggest. We also handle construction and installation of the proposed projects and systems.

Retrofit and Replacement

Our team is there for you when your equipment needs replaced or the demands of your facility change. As a trusted partner, we are here to help make sure your HVAC systems can satisfy the needs of your facility not just for today but for the future as well. Working hand in hand, our team will give you opportunities to make sure you understand the energy and efficiency options as well as the function of the equipment.

Mechanical Design Assist- Design Build

As a “full service” mechanical contracting firm, we are able to help you through every step of the construction process, including:
• Engineering
• Design phase management
• Pre-construction management
• Construction management
• Plumbing
• Hydronic
• Sheet metal installation
• Service and support during and after construction

Over the years, we have provided comprehensive services to both public and private clients on projects of all sizes and scope, including Mission Critical Facilities, Public Agencies at all levels (City, County, State and Federal), Institutional, Commercial, Educational and Health Care Facilities. We know your needs are unique, so we are flexible. Our past projects range in size from small projects to large complex construction projects.


Our qualified service and installation technicians have years of experience, so we can install and “fast track” even the most complicated systems. We assign a project manager who acts as a single point of contact for each project, to help guide you through the entire process.

Today’s facility managers have an increasingly challenging task to balance building efficiency with tenant satisfaction. What tenants may have considered acceptable in years past, is considered unacceptable in the marketplace today. AMI Mechanical Systems can create a solution for facility managers/engineers that not only implements building efficiency strategies but also improves tenant satisfaction through temperature maintenance and indoor air quality. Building Automation System (BAS) Controls can provide this, as well as:

Lower Utility Costs-a properly installed BAS typically saves 15% of the operating costs of the equipment, resulting in average savings from $0.20/square foot to $0.40/square foot.

Enhanced Property Value-commercial building valuation is related to the net operating income. By lowering the utility costs, you have increased the net operating income of the building by lowering operational costs. Every $0.10/square foot that you save in energy can increase the market value of the building by $0.80/square foot, which is very appealing.

Increased Productivity-indoor air quality and improved ventilation throughout a building reduces sick time and inherently increases productivity. This can benefit leased tenants as well as owner occupied facilities alike.

Decreased Operational Costs-with remote monitoring options, real time feedback is only a click away. Diagnostics time and the ability to determine the source region of the problem can save significant time and in turn, money spent.

Increase equipment life-with the controls operating the equipment as intended, the wear and tear on the equipment is drastically reduced extending the life of the equipment. This reduces costly repairs, and lengthens the time before equipment is needing replacement, which can be very expensive.

Minimize Site Operation Interruptions-the cost of having either a tenant or operational shutdowns due to equipment failure can easily be 50 to 100 times the facility operating costs on a square foot basis. This also can have a negative impact on tenant satisfaction. BAS controls monitor the equipment status, and can alert you in time to head these catastrophes off before they occur.

AMI Mechanical Systems is capable of handling your facility needs with a ‘ground-up’ design to suit your facility and needs. From a ‘Stand-Alone’ system for a single piece of equipment, to an entire facility ‘Integrated’ system with remote monitoring capabilities, our certified technicians can help you attain a much more sophisticated facility for years to come.

AMI Mechanical Systems’ long-term success is founded and based on the satisfaction of its customers. For this reason, management performs periodic quality control surveys with its clients in an effort to measure satisfaction and to ensure the company’s commitments are being delivered. AMI Mechanical Systems is proud of the fact it exceeds customers’ expectations and is continually working to promote quality, satisfaction and continued working relationships.

At AMI Mechanical Systems, our best relationships are built by our
Commitment, Response, Value, and Performance.

Who Counts on Us?

The majority of our customers include owners, property managers, and companies occupying industrial and commercial buildings. We appreciate working with companies that value their equipment and want to maximize its life and efficiency. Our customers include:

• Medical Facilities
• Manufacturing
• Data Centers
• Educational Facilities
• Recreation and Exercise
• Religious Institutions
• Banks/Financial
• Professional Office Buildings
• Assisted living/Retirement facilities
• Auto Dealerships
• Industrial
• Child Care
• Non-Profit